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Compton McRae Meal Deal

for 2 people

One pot of soup.
Main course – one large silver foil or pouch.
Pudding – one large foil or a selection of cheeses (one blue, one hard & one soft).
One bottle of wine.


Soup; meaty main course; pudding; wine = £40.00

Soup; veggie main course; pudding; wine = £35.00

If you can do without the wine knock £10 off the prices above.

Limit : 5 Meal Deals per customer so everyone can join in. Details of the current dishes are below. Some will be fresh this week, some will be frozen. But remember, when they are gone they are gone !


Please place your order via the form below, call us on (01747 448750) or email (info@comptonmcrae.com) with your selection and which day and time you would like to collect.

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